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Each project is different, pricing varies, we aren't the most expensive & we aren't the cheapest. We work with all budgets.


Worry free consultations with homeowners before during & after construction process. Being present & on the same page is crucial to our success.


We strive to be the best in the business and we will not stop until every homeowner is happy.

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Get to Know Us

Some might argue that the use of top-grade material determines the success of a project. Others may argue that ever-accumulating years of experience is the determinant factor for success.


Clearly, exceptional material and a wide base of relevant experience both greatly impact the beauty and artistry of a polished final product. However, clients often minimize the proverbial glue that secures the material, the team members, their skill and experience, and the unrelenting timetable all together; that glue being a competent and communicative General Contractor. Clients want to focus on their budget, decorative elements and the countdown until their project is complete and life-ready. Again, it is the oversight of the right General Contractor that allows a client the freedom and trust to focus on these areas, the fun part of renovation.

Trinity Builders is a residential construction company ready, able and eager to manage your project. Our primary goal is for you to love the portion of the project that you CAN see and trust the portion of the project that IS NOT seen.  Any business, but especially construction, is really ONLY as good as its weakest employee.  It is an unfortunate truth. One rude, chronically late, careless, unethical member of any team will ultimately be any business's undoing. Trinity Builders works with this truth front and center of mind daily. Having repeatedly witnessed subpar work in this industry, we have committed ourselves to doing all that we do the RIGHT way, without exception.

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